Business Brokerage

SELLING Your Business… Alan Weidner and Business Brokers Inc. offer two ways to Sell your business.

Confidentially… If your desire to sell your business without your employees or the general public to know it’s your company that is for sale, Alan Weidner has the means and the knowledge to do so. Your business will be advertised through internet and print media with a generic description of your business. We will describe the business with just enough information to find the right buyer while leaving out the exact area or name. Buyers that are looking for a business will learn certain aspects of the business but only after a signed confidentiality agreement and being financially qualified, will they learn the name and financial details.

Business Name Advertised… If you are not concerned with confidentiality in regards to the name of your business for sale, Alan Weidner and Business Brokers Inc., will advertise you business through internet, print media, and the MLS. Buyers will be financially qualified prior to seeing your financial information, but we will diligently work to sell your business.

BUYING A Business… If you are looking to purchase an existing business and experience the satisfaction of controlling your financial future, Alan Weidner and Business Brokers Inc. are here for you. Alan will guide you through the process and introduce to you the right business that will give you the independence that business ownership provides. As a former business owner, Alan Weidner will help you to understand certain aspects that you should be aware of in your search.